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My Methodology:

Learning to play the piano or any instrument including singing is like cooking, it's a challenge, trying to be your best every time. The menu, is what do you want to play. The results, is the ultimate satisfaction every time you play the piece of music that you worked so long on. The next part in cooking is the Timeline which is the Time Spent Prepping. This could take hours in gathering all the ingredients, slicing, removing, tearing, scooping, chopping, (you'll always be using greens of all kinds, herbs and countless others), shredding. peeling, defrosting, retrieving all the cooking apparatus, assembling and then cooking. The final results being, to eat this wonderful meal that you prepared.

What takes so long is the same process that is used when learning from a book, or I should say book, after book, after book. That is why with knowledge and the complete understanding of this subject, everything is done. You won't have to do all this prepping each time a new piece of music comes along.

Knowledge of the How...! What...! Why...! is all here for you, (click on one of the first sections for viewing now). All this leads to the satisfaction of being able to sit down at the piano and really play. For more information, please take a look at my article Eric Zorn Archieves which appeared on the Chicago Tribune's website.

Lesson Breakdown:



A. Alphabet Story

    1. The 7 Letters

    2. The 31 Names

B. Three Directions 

    1. Chromatic

    2. Scaler

    3. Modal



A. Forms

    1. Diatonic Major

    2. Natural Minor

    3. Harmonic Minor

    4. Melodic Minor

B. Template

    1. Pattern

    2. Displacement 1 is now 6

    3. It's all C



A. Intervals

    1. The 3's

    2. Gibberish

    3. Beauteous

B. Types (A big part of the 30 essential elements)

    1. Roots and Inversions

    2. Melodic

    3. Modal

    4. Poly

C. Exercises

    1. Arpeggios

    2. Scaler

    3. Modal



A. 12 Bars

    1. Big Band Stops

    2. Blues

    3. Generalized

    4. Specific

B. Modal

    1. II-V-I and...

    2. Chromatic Down

    3. Continual Flow



A. How and What

    1. 6 days 2 a day

    2. Cycle of 4th's

    3. 30 Essential Elements

B. Progressions

C. John Mehegan Furthered

    1. His 5 Qualities of the 7th chord

    2. His 60 Chord System

D. What the Practice Routine will bring

    1. Continual Improvement

    2. You'll get better and better

    3. Satisfaction in being able to do it


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Did you always want to know more then the basics found in Teach Yourself Methods and the like? Then this is what you are looking for! Roadhousemusicandbeyond is all about acquiring the knowledge to play better ... not only for your own enjoyment ... but for anyone who's listening to your playing.

With short videos and complete tutorials, as well as the tables to go with, (the not so boring, as you may think stuff), you'll learn the general and specific ways to have an understanding on how all this comes together.

You'll also learn how to analyze and break down complex material to make those simple songs sound even better. With an IPod or what ever contrivance comes along in the future, you'll be able to learn by watching as well as listening anywhere .... even by your piano.



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