Piano Teacher in Lemont - Valenti Slachetka
A proven alternative to standard piano lessons
A truly better alternative to the
standard 'page turning' piano
lessons being offered by most
teachers. Val teaches to
understand not just play.
  Piano teacher and student in Lemont

A piano teacher in Lemont for over 25 years.

Being a piano teacher for the Lemont and Chicago area, I offer students the foundation for music comprehension. I provide individual private lessons to anyone who wants to learn how to interpret a piece of music by understanding, what I call, the "30 Essential Elements".

A good piano teacher incorporates free form piano

Another direction that teaching jazz piano can go is Free Form. This is associated with a complete dissonant abandonment of not only the melody but harmony, rhythm, and everything that can be and is cacophonous. Of course this doesn't have to be the case at all. Playing a-tonal (no set key) will keep the melodic content intact with a subtle restructuring of the harmony. This creates a beautiful interpretation of any melody, especially when used in Religious and Classical music. These harmony's will enhance the melodic lines in these pieces and therefore is the direction that this site will take you - 'And Beyond'!

As a student of piano, if you or your child:

- Does not show the progress you're expecting
- Has difficulty advancing past standard music books
- Wants to understand how to improvise or compose melodies

I can help because:
- I teach music, not just notes and songs
- I don't use any course books
- Every lesson plan is also customized towards the student's individual needs

A good local piano teacher gives your child more then the gift of music, they give them the knowledge of the music.

Of course you might be thinking this will be way to hard for my child or even me. Well my answer to this is that I'm giving you a tool bag of knowledge and in a very short time you'll have the understanding of how to play in all 12 keys, any song or movement, and maybe be on your way to doing this as a profession or just to have this kind of knowledge.

Everything that I did for Eric Zorn's "Someday is Now" (the SIN project) was on the Chicago Tribune's web site and was done all in a generic way; no music was used and it's all logical conclusions to some very complex situations.

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